> In case of allergy to umbellifers or composites

February 2001
Service de Médecine Interne
Immunologie Clinique
et Allergologie
Hopital Central
29, Av. de Lattre de Tassigny
54035 NANCY Cedex

Documented allergy to an umbellifer or a composite does not necessarily include all the foods belonging to this group.

The problems presented involve raw foods.

Raw foods should not be eaten during treatment with aspirin, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or alcohol, before or after intense exercise: sport, house work, dancing, etc.

Umbellifers :
• celery : celeriac, branch celery, celery salts: tomato juice, soup
• fennel and fennel seeds
• carrot
• parsnip
• spices :
aniseed, dill, carroway, cumin, coriander, chervil
• parsley :
when there is a large amount in a dish: i.e. parsley butter, snails, tabbouleh, etc.
• curry :
mixture of different spices which may vary depending on the country of origin
• cooked dishes containing spices or unspecified seasoning
Composites :
• sunflower : sunflower seeds, sunflower pollen honey, sunflower margarine (ask your allergist for advice)
• endives
• lettuce
(hearts and ribs)

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